I got a Nikon Camera…

I got a Nikon Camera…

…I love to take the photographs.


After the excitement of last nights storm on the drive home from the Lodge, then dinner at the Rock Cut with Carolyn, I had abandon downloading the photos and posting about the days events as I just plain ran out of gas. I’ll get to it soon enough when I can do it justice. In the mean time, the battery is stone dead on the Nikon D300 that is my main camera. I looked all day to find my second charger but to no avail and, you guessed it, I left the #1 charger at the Lodge. While I can use a different battery adapter combo to power up the D300 and take more shots, I can’t DL the shots through its USB port, as it’s non functional. Not physically broken as far as I can tell but something’s definitely not connecting in the cameras guts. This means I have to use a card reader to retrieve the images, which I left at the Lodge… I’ll try loading the CF card in a different camera but sometimes that doesn’t work either. Woo hoo! It’s working!


I use an 8GB 400x Lexar CF card as my main card in the camara with an 8GB 133x as a back up. When I pulled the card in my old D2Xs I had to chuckle, 160MB and 10x. I chuckled because, when I bought this particular card back in the day, it was huge compared to what it replaced. Now it barely holds a roll of films worth of images, oh how times have changed. So, in goes the D300s card into the D2Xs card slot. Hit the > button and “this folder has no images” on the screen. Into the menu to change the cards attributes to mass storage and now the computer thinks it just another drive. Commence downloading.


Today I spent most of the day in the basement and side shop reclaiming space taken up by stored stuff. Some of it has been earmarked for a garage sale or a trip to the dump for ages. For too long it’s kind of piled up and I just haven’t had the motivation or opportunity to really get rid of it. The times, they are a changin’ and that shit is out the door!

july_16_2015D2Xs_0036Priority one is reclaiming my workshop which was originally set up for screen printing street banners for the City of Rossland. The first six were produced in 2001 with a second run of 3 different banners in 2004. since I got away from printing after that was done, the space turned into handy storage. Recently, I decided I needed to re-purpose the space as a shop to work on my fleet of vehicles so last week I hauled all the stereo components and other electronics I had planned to flog in my garage sale to the recycler in Trail instead. Once that was out of the way I could get to the printing table so today, after clearing out the remaining gak, I dismantled it and got my shop back.

all banners togetherjuly_16_2015D2Xs_0023

Inside the house I attacked, what was once upon a time, my darkroom. Half of the basement in my house was finished as a Mother in Law suite before we bought the place, so I claimed it as my man cave once we moved in. The room that was originally its kitchenette was converted into a photo darkroom and was also where I slept during the day when grooming graveyard shift at the ski hill. After leaving Red Mtn. I turned it into a full working darkroom, producing positives for screen printing T-shirts, with the AGFA Repromaster 2000 line camera I inherited after Mukkerwear went tits up. A few years later AGFA stopped manufacturing the film stock and receiver I used in the process (because, computers…) turning it into a shiny boat anchor.


The camera still lives in my basement. It’s fricking huge, like 4′ feet high by 3 feet deep by five feet wide huge. It can enlarge an image 400% or reduce it to 25%, has a vacuum pump that sucks the air out of both the object platten and the image plate and can make halftones of B&W photos. It’s pretty cool and, as it’s totally obsolete, now it functions as a really ugly, bulky shelf. Alongside the line camera I had piles of prints, slides, negatives, T-shirts, books, hockey gear, golf clubs, screen supplies and artwork taking up every other available space. Now, I have piles to go to the dump and the Thrift Store and a whole lot more room in both places.

Tomorrow is moving day for the buses.

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