What’s a Goob?…

What’s a Goob?…

My name is Dave Thomas. As names go it’s a pretty unremarkable name, generic almost. As a Dave living in Whistler BC in 1984, I was socially obligated to have a nickname. Through fate and other mysterious and unknowable forces, I ended up with the moniker of Goober Dave. It seems at the time all the good ones were already taken… Oh, well.

I’ve always said that you can call me anything you want as long as you don’t call me late for dinner and, as I was only going to be in town for one winter, I rolled with it. I’d get a new handle next year anyway so what the hell. 30 years later… I’m still Goober Dave to my friends, although I prefer Goobs in public. Another thing I’ve often said is “The longer you know me the more you’ll understand” . So here we are.

I’ve been lucky enough to find myself in some pretty good company over the years. Many of my friends lead much more interesting, exciting and successful lives than mine. It has always been my pleasure to be a small part of their lives and adventures and to have shared in their experiences, frequently trying to capture what has transpired on film. This, then is the purpose of this journal, to document in some small way the amazing people that have come to call me their friend over the years. These are my and their stories, thanks for checking them out!


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