Home for a Rest…

Home for a Rest…

july_27_2015_D2X_0520Got some new skins for the Golf on Tuesday from my good friend McBain at Integra Tire in Castlegar.  I had stopped in for my obligatory Chai Latte at Starbucks and been informed by the baristas that I’m a “memorable guy” which is why they remembered what I like to order. That’s a good thing I guess, I thought they did that with everyone… Chai firmly in hand, It’s off to the tire store. I had ordered the tires a few days before and ripped out just before noon to get them mounted.

John, the ATV guy

Although the install only took about 20 minutes, I was there over an hour chatting with another customer who, it turns out, I’d met the previous year while he was quadding up at the Lodge, a very entertaining conversation ensued. I then had a good chat with Rob and Eric about fixing broken machines and scale modelling as I was showing Rob the 1/32 OV-10 Bronco I had received in the mail that morning.


My time in Castlegar was nearly done so, after picking up some bug juice and an orbital scraper for the Lodge at CanTire, I was off to Trail. Another stop at the Alpine store in Glenmerry then finally to Lordco to see the man about a clutch for the ’70 bus, who will henceforth be known as Isabelle. Not the guy at the parts store mind you (his name is Willie), the vans name is Isabelle… Jeez.

Ready to pull the motor

With a clutch kit was on it’s way from Vancouver it was time get on the bus as it were and get that engine out. It’s been a while since I’ve pulled a VW motor but, just like falling off a bicycle, once you learn how you never forget. Being the first time for this particular vehicle I had to learn to adapt to it’s limitations and peculiarities. Besides the usual rusty nuts, an angle iron brace welded between the rear bumper brackets was the worst obstacle to overcome as I needed to remove it completely. The brackets are kind of hooped anyway so it’s probably best if I rebuild them rather than re-use them. It was a struggle but I managed to clear the way around dinner time.

Engine on the ground

Wednesday. The parts have arrived.The lawn is mowed. A quick trip to Trail, the kit is in my hands and I’m ready to tear that beast out of its greasy lair. Fuel line disconnected and plugged, check. Throttle cable same, check. Wiring labelled and unplugged, check. The four nuts securing the engine to the transaxle undone and the rear engine carrier removed, check. The new ATV jack I bought from Cambodian Tire two weeks ago performed like a champion as I wiggled and pulled and rolled the engine free of its mounts. FTW.


The old pressure plate was definitely not right with a bent tine and flattened diaphragm while the clutch plate appeared to be practically new. Closer inspection of the pressure plate revealed it too was virtually unused. No idea why or how it could have failed, will have to do some investigating… New clutch installed, what to do next. Decided to clear some more decks so I can install an entrance beside the barn door and make more room to work inside. Ripping, tearing, moving and stowing until 10:00, time to call it a day.

july_27_2015_D2X_0711Thursday is always an abbreviated day as I leave for work in the afternoon. Removing the shelves and relocating the screen storage locker was the main task. Pulling the locker apart and carefully moving the screens out of the way, I decided to have a look at them as I hadn’t seen them in a couple of years.

It was nice to have them out in the sunshine if but for a short while. Maybe someday I’ll have another go at printing but for now I can’t bear to get rid of them. I spent too much time effort and money putting them together. Back into storage to await their own renaissance. But first , a couple of pictures to remember them by.

july_27_2015_D2X_0714 july_27_2015_D2X_0722 july_27_2015_D2X_0725 july_27_2015_D2X_0732




Once done, there was a lot more room at the north end. Time to pack up and head out the door.


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