Sun, Rain, And A Little Snow. Nothing Like Summer In The Kootenays

Sun, Rain, And A Little Snow. Nothing Like Summer In The Kootenays

july_26_2015Cnon_01319You know the old saying “If you don’t like the weather in the mountains, just wait 15 minutes” has held especially true the last couple of days. Not that I’m complaining… Far from it. I’m all for some rain to take the edge off a long hot summer. What’s striking is the contrast between this weekend and the past several weeks. Clear skies and constant sunshine have given way to some solid rain and even some mixed rain and snow at the Lodge. That’s right, snow.

july_26_2015Cnon_01400This weekend, the sky was looking dark and ominous on the drive up to the Lodge, both days. Saturday it rained pretty hard at times but I saw no lightning, Sunday however, looked especially threatening with not too distant peels of thunder and an energetic cloud deck moving swiftly across the ridge tops.


july_26_2015Cnon_01328Saturday. At the 10km heli-pad, the skies opened up for a nice shower. I had to stay inside the truck to get some shots as it was coming down pretty hard.




july_26_2015Cnon_01329At 12km I ran into the dirt bikers I’d passed on my way out earlier. As I had suspected it was Katie and Brad, both former Baldfacers, out for a ride to the Lodge. As part of their visit to Nelson, Katie had FB messaged me that they were thinking of heading up.

july_26_2015Cnon_01330I couldn’t help but chuckle as Brad was dirt biking in shorts… “I forgot my riding pants in town”. Good thing it’s summer… ish.july_26_2015Cnon_01343 july_26_2015Cnon_01345 july_26_2015Cnon_01419

The Fireweed seems to be enjoying the weather, too.july_26_2015Cnon_01379

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