Time to venture out

Time to venture out

It’s a bit nuts that the mundane act going outside to get some groceries and other sundries is causing me so much anxiety. In my mind I find myself planning my route, thinking about how many doors I have to touch, what to do to isolate each contact point and how to sterilize my purchases once I get home.

Up to this point I haven’t been to a store in over a week. While I don’t have any hand sanitizer or wipes, I do have gloves and masks. Do I risk contaminating my car or should I walk? Should I just say fuck it and face the inevitable. Get it over with, get sick and take my chances. Not particularly keen on that option…

Am I paranoid and over-reacting or not paranoid enough? I guess it boils down to the fact I don’t trust anyone else to be as vigilant.

My observation is that people are Socially Distancing like they drive on the highway, they’re all out to kill me with entitlement and inattention. I have habits engrained to keep me alive on the road, I hope I can adapt to my new reality on the sidewalk.

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