Back for the Summer

Back for the Summer

To say I’d been pre-occupied with surviving the winter would not do the level of commitment required by the fun machine that is Baldface enough justice. Relentless is often the word I use to best describe the experience, a non stop roller coaster ride and a constant challenge. Thankfully, it’s only full on for about 150 days or so as it does tend to eventually wear you down. I counted up how many days I actually spent at the Lodge this winter – 114 of 150. That’s a solid pull in anyones books, good thing I’m a glutton for punishment. The pace hasn’t relented in my time off this May.


The first week saw Homey J and I roll to Whistler for a snowcat service school put on by Pisten Bully as part of the Canada West Ski Areas Association annual trade show. Things were learned, sights were seen, old friends re-acquainted and fun was had. After three days, back home in Rossland and I could finally put the 2015-16 ski season to bed.


A couple days later it’s back to the coast for an actual VACATION with my wife Carolyn. Monday afternoon, first stop Summerland to visit Carmen, then Vancouver to stay with Tony and Danielle on Tuesday. A ferry ride Wednesday to Vancouver Island and a couple days with my Mum and Sister Jen. A 5am start on Friday the 13th takes us to Tofino for Hillarys 24th Birthday and a hike to the top of Lone Cone for Hills and me while Carolyn went whale watching.



Three more days camping at Green Point, wandering the beaches and eating well in Tofino, capped by a trip to Hotsprings Cove and a last night at Jamies Inn. Tuesday back to Vancouver for trivia night at the Cheshire Cheese and more laughter and stories with Tony, Danielle and some new friends too. Home again Wednesday and I can finally take a breath.

So, now it’s the May 24 Long Weekend and I hatch the plan of fixing my front yard with some of Alpines idle iron. A phone call to Rob on his way to the cabin and I’m in business. Saturday grab the 750 and two place trailer in Trail, snag the 331 and a laser level and start to clear the decks. Flash up the old F250 with some borrowed jumpers on it’s first crank, once it got the juice. Moved the Vanguard out of the way and handbombed a bunch of other shit before the rains began. Next day set my grades with the laser, stripped the grass and decked the remaining topsoil then cut myself a level(ish) yard. Monday I spread the saved topsoil and returned the machinery to where I found it. The yard looks great!



In the mean time, Sunday morning, while it was pissing with rain outside (too wet to work in the dirt), I tweaked the new copy of Windows10 that was successfully installed on my Home Box. An amazingly painless process considering my previous experience with a Win10 “upgrade” ended with my Lodge Box being bricked at the end of the ski season. It’s still dead but at least it’ll give me something to do in my spare time, once I get back up there. That will be in early June as I’m now Maintenance Manager full time, year round so will be up there all summer.

Yee haw, the fun never ends!


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